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The Valley of Beautiful Women


Address 3300 Eger, Szépasszony-völgy

About the sight

Visit the most famous wine region in Eger, the Valley of Beautiful Women where you are welcome for a glass of tasteful wine in any of the wine cellars and you can talk with your family and friends accompanied by soft music. There are open-air programmes, wine tasting and tasty food in the intimate restaurants.

People can cook in stew-pots or roast on the spit there, too. In good weather one can count on open-air market where tourists can buy souvenirs.

The origin of the name of the valley

There are several ideas about its origin among the local farmers. According to a source, there used to live a woman who owned the whole valley. Others say that a woman sold wine in her wine cellar. Another source claims that it got its name after the light nice lady of a noble villa.