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The castle of Eger


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About the sight

According to some sources there used to stand a stone castle a thousand years ago in the place where later the valiant soldiers and women of Eger repulsed the Turkish who attacked the Castle with a numerical superiority.

Others think that much later, after the exodus of the Tartar King Bela IV ordained to build the Castle. However, the Castle had already undergone a lot of strokes and battles by the time the Turkish trap got hot soup and hot pitch in their necks in 1552. The captain of the Castle was István Dobó and thanks to the toughness of his army for 39 days the Turkish left the Castle but 4 years later the Turkish numerical superiority won and the town got under Turkish supermacy for a hundred years.

The difficulties of the Castle did not finish even after the recapture: King Lipót I had the outer part of the castle blown up. Archbishop Esterházy Károly after buying it for 10778 ft.had its most stones carried away to his own buildings.

Luckily, each age has got its own heroes and Archbishop Pyrker János in 1827 prevented the castle from the total decline. We have to be happy about it and visit this exciting place and thanks to the various programmes here we can live through the ecstasy of the victory in 1552 again and again.