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Basilica of Eger


Address 3300 Eger, Pyrker tér 1.
Phone +36 36 420 970

About the sight

The Eger bishopric was founded by our first king Stephen I in 1004. Then the cathedral was built in the place of the present day castle. It got its name after the bishop’s chair.

During its history the Roman, and later the Gothic church was demolished. After the siege of the castle in 1552 it was moved to the Saint Michael church and it has been the cathedral officially since 1580 and it was sanctified in honor of Apostle- Evangelist Saint John.

The cathedral was built by the designs of József Hild from 1831 to 1836, ordered by archbishop Pyrker and it was consecrated on 5-6th May 1837. The statues standing outside the cathedral (named Faith, Belief and Love) are works of Marco Casagrande. The paintings of King Stephen I and King László remained from the former cathedral were placed on the side altars, they are the works of Kracker János Lukács. The organ of the Basilica is one of the most significant ones considering its size, measure and technique.

The cathedral is 90 metres long, its cupola is 40 and its tower is 55 metres high. During bigger religious ceremonies there is enough place for 4-5000 people. On Sundays there are 6 services with 1500 visitors.